Durarara Episode 4 and 5

February 7, 2010

Sorry, I know I’m a little late on episode 4, my computer was screwing up, but its all good now.

So I guess, episode 4 we start out with Shinra doing the narrations and such. He’s doing a documentary on Selty,  the dullahan(Headless motorcycle rider) living in his house. His roomie. Lol. It was nice to know a little more about her. They also told us how Selty and Shinra met. His dad being a doctor and all.  Can’t belive his dad let some 4 year old slice someone open. Thats some DEEP traumatic stuff irl. But overall I thought that this episode was slightly boring.

Though it was nice to know that Selty’s motorcycle is actually a horse. That was some fun information. They also left us wondering on where her head was. So there’s not much to talk about this episode. As, I said before, it was mostly telling us more about Selty and Shinra, which was a little boring.

Durarara Episode 5

We got a change of pace in this episode. Finally the story gets deeper.  And Kida narrates the story this time. Wee best friends trio~ I love how Mikado is so naive and oblivious to the dangers of Ikebukuro.

I actually never expected them to show an insecure Kida.  As he’s always cheerful and bright.  He’s trying his best to protect Mikado, so it seems. But it seems that before Mikado came around, he had a shady life in Ikebukuro. What happened I wonder?

But he’s so worried that he went out of his way to ask around what the deal was with the dollars gang.Kida looks so moe here. :3

All that aside, we start out with Selty going on a delivery/mission. She gets attacked by a new face in town.

“The Slasher”

Basically, she’s a school girl. But she’s been ruining Selty’s plans. Selty doesn’t seem to like her at all. But apparently this slasher only cuts someone and leaves. She doesn’t kill. That’s interesting.

Okaaaaay. So now this girl. How is she related to Kida? Oh look, Izaya too. How where all three of them involved in the past. I noticed that Kida mentions something about gathering up courage to see her, and he thanks Mikado for that. It seems he’s special to her. Izaya,  the smile he gives off, isn’t that evil smile he’s always pulling off. It looks like he has a soft spot for her too, from my point of view of course. He even asked if “He’s seen her”  which I belive is reffering to Kida.

So now we know Kida and Izaya, along with this girl, where involved in something. We just don’t know what. Guess we’ll find out in the next upcoming episodes I suppose.

Note: Shizuo being followed by a dog was hilarious.

Signing off, Later~


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