Gurren Lagann “Lagann-Hen the Movie”

February 7, 2010

I thought Lagann-Hen was awesome. The new scenes they used there should have been used in the anime. Much more badassery. Loved the new Tengen Toppa’s. I’m sad, King Kittan didn’t get one D:

THIS was amazing.

, Simon fist fight with Anti Spiral? Heckyeah.

Oh god dat punch.


But in the end, Nia still dies. But at least the Barinbou brothers still lived. Gainax killed them off in the anime series. But they should have left kittan alive. >: Rossiu should have sacrificed himself. Well, some points I didn’t like was that they took out the Simon punching Rossiu scene. Kinon slapped him instead. Nia still dies/disappears. Simon still becomes a wanderer (hobo). But overall this movie was beyond epic.


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