Durarara Episode 10

March 12, 2010

Shut up, I totally forgot about this. I’m bored, and I’m not used to blogging. HAW HAW HAW.

Well it starts of with Mikado coming out of school with Sonohara. He gets ambused at the entrance by some thugs claiming that he’s Izaya’s partner. They came to get revenge on the broken cellphone. But then, Celty saves the day.

By kicking this thug in the face. Hah. Celty is so cool.

This the best part, where Izaya starts to gleefuly jump on his back.

Well anyways, both of them appeared at the school gate waiting for Mikado to come out. Why? Well I’m not sure about Izaya, but Celty just wants to find her head. Mikado gets somewhat scared and just tells them he has something to do and runs off.

Well here, they follow Mikado.  Mikado realizes this and  stops.  Mikado and Celty have a talk, he asks her questions, about her. She shows him that she is headless.  So she begins to tell him what she truly is. Mikado belived her, and agreed to take them to the girl he had found.

Well Mikado goes home with Celty and Izaya following. He gets ambushed by some thugs from the yagiri pharmacy. Izaya begins to wonder what takes him so long, and Celty noticed a van outside. Izaya recognized where the van came from. So he went  to check on Mikado, the thugs escaped out the window. Izaya tells Mikado that those thugs came from the yagiri pharmacy. This is where it gets epic. Mikado starts to put pieces together, about human experimenting, disapearances, dollars, yagiri pharmacy. He quickly gets on his computer.

Mikado didn’t care if Celty and Izaya were watching. He just got on that computer and…


Its funny how the password to log in to Dollars is BACCANO. But yeah its confirmed. Mikado is in Dollars.

I guess Izaya was already trying to figure out who created Dollars. I guess he had his suspicions set to Mikado.

Mikado the new mastermind?! OH-Well, I’m very interested to see the next episode now that Mikado is has revealed himself to Celty and Izaya as a mastermind. He says it so casually “All the cards are in my hand” It looks like Mikado has something up his sleeve. I can’t wait to see what it is (Well those who are up to date on the novel pretty much know by now. That Mikado eventually becomes leader of the blue squares.)

Well anyways. This episode was awesome.

Signing off, Later~


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