Durarara Episode 11

March 20, 2010

Haha, This was another great episode, I mean really.

Well to start things off, The episode starts off with Namie, trying to find, the Selty girl. The one who goes out with her brother. She gets a call from Mikado, and he tells her he’ll do a deal with her.

Yes, Mikado wants the truth, but he knows the truth about everything hurrr

Angry Mikado is Moe Mikado :3 Anyways, Namie is being evil, and mental telling Mikado she’ll eliminate anyone that gets involved with her brother. (Hahaha.I can’t wait till she’s done for) Mikado gets angry at her, and tells her off. She replies that he’s been watching to much ‘Dramas’ Mikado gets angry again.

Does anything bad happen to Seiji yet? Lolmentalissues he needs ALOT of help.

I loved this part. Namie was about to have her goons attack Mikado, so he pulls out his phone and decides to send a text messeges to some people. She really thought he was defenseless.


Alot of people..

Lol, Namie is just like “Wtf”  Well, Mikado is like “JUST AS PLANNED” Well, basically, all these people are in DOLLARS.

Well anyways, Simon, Shizuo and Izaya get a text messege, including Celty. They’re all Dollars members. Well, the text messege basically says “Anyone next to you who isn’t looking at a text messege is the enemy, don’t do anything just stare” Well, it was aimed at Namie.  She starts to go “WTF” again. And, Izaya is off in a corner, laughing, like the troll he is. We get some scenes, apperantly the plan Mikado had in mind was to save the girl from  Namie, so she had Dotachin and his gang help out, by showing her to Celty. Celty rages and goes down a building attacking the Yagiri guys. Her helmet gets knocked off and people are like “HURRR THE HEADLESS RIDER HURRR” And take pictures of her. But she doesn’t care, She’s raging at the moment.

While they’re paying attention, Seiji appears out of nowhere trying to stab Mikado, and the episode ends.

This episode was awesome, can’t wait till the next one.

Later taters~


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