Heroman episode 1

April 3, 2010

Finally, a kinda mecha style series.

Well, the series takes place in the USA. ;D Central City California (LosAngeles)


About a boy named Joey.

JOEEEEYYY THE MAIN CHARACTERRR. He…is a trap. I swear he is. That doesn’t look like a boy at all man. (Shotaaaaa)


There is a girl that likes Joey named Lina. She’s a cheerleader.  Her brother, huge guy with blond hair that looks like Kittan is Will. So far he’s an ass. They’re rich. They don’t like Joey.

Look its Psy. Joey’s best friend. He’s a true bro man.

So. Will’s rich buddies buys a heybot. They fight over it, and it goes out of control and goes onto the street, to get hit by a car.

Joey picks it up and fixes it.

Joey fixed Hero man. Heroman gets struck by lightning.

Transforming remote.

Mecha arm remote.

Small toy, turns into Gurren Lagann…errrrm I mean Giant Heroman,

What happens in this little scene is, that Joey’s friend Lina, gets into an accident with her dad. Joey tries to save her but, he can’t he’s not strong enough to break open the car. Heroman does it for him. BUT. BUT.

Well a huge explosion goes off into the distance and apperantly the mechanical arm of Joey’s saves him, by creating a barrier. I thought the girl died, seriously.



Well, I thought this was a pretty good episode. It wasn’t boring, well mabey a little in the beggining, but the end was great. I will look forward to the next episode.


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