More Kuroshitsuji II scans

April 18, 2010

Anything posted here is credited to Bleach Asylum.  I take no credit for this.


Alois Trancy and his Butler Claude.  Finally, a colored picture. Hurrr

This is the Trancy household maid, Hannah. Well, I liked Meirin better D;  I hope we get some comedy relief.

The Preview

It was shown at the seiyuu event on the 31st of January. It began with the grounds of the new mansion and shots of the mansion itself, we saw a white gloved hand pouring tea (much like the beginning of season 1) only when we saw the young master rise from bed he was a blonde boy. His butler who resembles Sebastian and William referred to him as “your highness”. After that there was a few various shots of them in and around the mansion, one scene had the boy laying over the desk like he was either really worn out or depressed.

Well in this scan, he does remind me of Ciel a little.

Some brief translations. Because its too long to post.

——To be blunt, what will the 2nd season be about!?
Shimizu: Sorry, this is still a secret (LOL).
——What happened to Ciel and Sebastian after the last episode of season 1……?
Shimizu: We don’t know the details. Personally, I wondered whether Sebastian had actually taken Ciel’s soul or not, and since the anime ended like that I really wanted to make a sequel. That’s the reason why we started to think about a new series.
——Everybody is wondering the same!
Shimizu: Yes. But I still cannot tell you whether the new series will be a sequel, a totally different story, an original story, a spin-off or what else.
——Will any of the other characters appear in it?
Shimizu: That’s another mystery. When it comes to the servants and Lau we’re not even sure whether they survived or not. But sorry, I can’t tell you who will appear yet.
——Are there new characters?
Shimizu: What I can currently say is that two new characters will appear. These charas are Alois, the head of the Trancy household, and the butler Claude.

No one ever said Ciel and Sebastian weren’t going to be in the anime, or that they would. The creators are keeping us some fog of mystery. Like said in the translations above, We don’t know if Ciel’s soul got eaten or not. We don’t know what happened. So mabey we’ll get this cleared up.

Will be posting screenshots of the preview soon. But this takes place in the 19th Century. It will be aired in July 2010. 3 more months guys. Maybe it will be worth the wait. We’ll just see.

Any translations I have posted here are credited to BleachAsylum. I take no credit in anything, only my own ramblings.


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