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Kuroshitsuji II Preview thoughts

April 19, 2010

Well, I was able to download the preview and watch it for myself. Couldn’t find any subtitles, but apperantly youtube has some previews with subtitles.

Kuroshitsuji II takes place in the middle of the 19th century. To be honest with you, thats the same time, Ciel was around at. So it kinda gives us a little hope that Ciel might be in here. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, It was not mentioned if he would be in it, or not, since last season, they left us at a cliff hanger, so it gives us that ray of hope to see the old characters again.

Well,  the lights were turned off, and Alois just kept screaming “Kuroi, Kuroi” . He kept saying it was dark, and he was down on his knees, Claude had the lights turned on, and the servants surounded him to see if he was alright.

Now, it seems like Alois has a fear of the darkness. I wonder why.

By the way, he sounds girlie r than Ciel.

Claude was informing Alois that his Uncle and the Priest was coming over, due to the fact that he was taken by fairies or some sort. I don’t understand what they meant he was taken by fairies, but whatever. Alois just stood up from his chair.

“What do we do Claude!?” Lets make a comparison here, this kid sounds somewhat needy. “What do we do Claude?” Its totally different to Ciel Phantomhive, whom’ only makes plans, and never asks for help, and has Sebastian carry his plans out, but Alois asks Claude for help? I wonder how this will play out.

Yes Claude, do something. “Yes your highness.” It made me smile, because it reminded me of the whole “yes my lordo” Hehe.

So I guess all Demon butlers can do this. 😀

Well, Claude actually set the table…and Alois said “As expected as the Trancy household butler” With a huge cheery smile on his face. Well he gets a visit from his uncle, and Alois tells him about a village. We get a flashback of apperantly the village, and there are dead people on the ground, in the tree, so on and so fourth. Then the scene skips again. His uncle doesn’t seem like such a good person to me.

Anyways, three new characters introduced besides the meidooo.

Not twins. TRIPLETS. I wouldn’t mind them serving me either.

Alois is clinging to Claude.  He was talking about being lonely and such. There was a special scene we get where Alois was crying. He said he wanted everyone to disappear into darkness and such. Mabey that carefree personality of his is all fake? Something adorable Claude said “You’re always by my side”

Hummmm. Well, thats…..he’s very cheery. Is it fake? I think so too. I hope it is, because I miss the dark revenge personality of Ciel’s already.

The trailer ended with Claude saying “Master, I want to greedily devour your soul” Claude’s voice gets darker as he says this.

He sounded kinda evil to me…well…Its a change alright, because Sebastian, aside from wanting Ciel’s soul, he was entertaining himself watching Ciel plan out his revenge. While Claude does not. I wonder what type of boy Alois will be, because so far, only his really bright side was shown.

I want a meeting between Sebastian and Claude, I wonder what that would be like.

Anyways, the trailer was great. I can’t wait till July.

I will post up some gif’s later on, also will be posting up a download link to the video, in the meantime, enjoy and wait I guess?


More Kuroshitsuji II scans

April 18, 2010

Anything posted here is credited to Bleach Asylum.  I take no credit for this.

Alois Trancy and his Butler Claude.  Finally, a colored picture. Hurrr

This is the Trancy household maid, Hannah. Well, I liked Meirin better D;  I hope we get some comedy relief.

The Preview

It was shown at the seiyuu event on the 31st of January. It began with the grounds of the new mansion and shots of the mansion itself, we saw a white gloved hand pouring tea (much like the beginning of season 1) only when we saw the young master rise from bed he was a blonde boy. His butler who resembles Sebastian and William referred to him as “your highness”. After that there was a few various shots of them in and around the mansion, one scene had the boy laying over the desk like he was either really worn out or depressed.

Well in this scan, he does remind me of Ciel a little.

Some brief translations. Because its too long to post.

——To be blunt, what will the 2nd season be about!?
Shimizu: Sorry, this is still a secret (LOL).
——What happened to Ciel and Sebastian after the last episode of season 1……?
Shimizu: We don’t know the details. Personally, I wondered whether Sebastian had actually taken Ciel’s soul or not, and since the anime ended like that I really wanted to make a sequel. That’s the reason why we started to think about a new series.
——Everybody is wondering the same!
Shimizu: Yes. But I still cannot tell you whether the new series will be a sequel, a totally different story, an original story, a spin-off or what else.
——Will any of the other characters appear in it?
Shimizu: That’s another mystery. When it comes to the servants and Lau we’re not even sure whether they survived or not. But sorry, I can’t tell you who will appear yet.
——Are there new characters?
Shimizu: What I can currently say is that two new characters will appear. These charas are Alois, the head of the Trancy household, and the butler Claude.

No one ever said Ciel and Sebastian weren’t going to be in the anime, or that they would. The creators are keeping us some fog of mystery. Like said in the translations above, We don’t know if Ciel’s soul got eaten or not. We don’t know what happened. So mabey we’ll get this cleared up.

Will be posting screenshots of the preview soon. But this takes place in the 19th Century. It will be aired in July 2010. 3 more months guys. Maybe it will be worth the wait. We’ll just see.

Any translations I have posted here are credited to BleachAsylum. I take no credit in anything, only my own ramblings.


KuroShitsuji “MonoShitsuji” Season 2

February 4, 2010

Well, Kuroshitsuji Season 2 has been confirmed. Looks like the Debut is in July 2010. Isn’t that wonderful? I’ll be on vacation. Dohohoho.

New Cast and Characters

Butler: Claude Faustus (クロード・フォースタス) voiced by Takahiro Sakurai
Young master: Alois Trancy referred to as “your highness” voiced by Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々).

He looks like William.  This kid looks like a brat. I will be satisfied if He wears a dress like Ciel 😀 Trapity Trap trap!

Hmmm Claude. Why so Seriousssss? But he looks like Sebastian. Like when Sebastian wears his glasses to pretend to be Ciel’s tutor? :] He bears a resemblance to one of the queen’s butler’s from the manga.

So we do know there’s a new butler and master.

The Kid is reffered to as  “Your Highness” (I prefer, Yes my LORDO. Sounds much better IMO)

These new characters do not, however, entirely exclude Sebastian and Ciel from the second season. Ono Daisuke and Sakamoto Maaya still re-signed onto season two. Take that as you will.

*Possible Spoilers*

“It has also been rumored that the first couple of episodes are going to include Sebastian’s past. With this happening to Sebastian at the end of the drama: The drama ended on a sad note with Sebastian looking at a cake (it had a little hat like Ciel’s on it) in the rundown Phantomhive mansion. He was depressed and said “akuma de hitori desu kara” .

Roughly translating, “Because I am a lonely demon”

Sebastian was depressed. I knew he adored Ciel.

Here’s something interesting that I read.

“this second season might be an attempt on Sebastian’s part to try and recover Ciel’s soul (though, you wonder how that could be done, since he presumably ate it…), because of this snippet here. Sebastian misses Ciel. Ciel’s soul was special to him.

So you have to then additionally wonder who these new characters are. Is Claude Sebastian in a new form, searching for a way to recover Ciel’s soul? Is Trancy just along for the ride– Sebastian’s means to an end? Or are these new characters utterly and completely different, but are somehow linked to Sebastian and Ciel?”

I like this theory, guess we’ll have to see then, right?

Also, from the same source:

トランシー家執事、クロード・フォースタス 私は、あなたを『飽くまで』貪りたい

Butler of the Trancy Household, Claude Faustus, “I want to greedily devour you to the bitter end.” Or ” I am a demon and I want to greedily devour you.”

Contrary to Sebastian. I find it interesting. Looks like Claude is darker than Sebastian. Sebastian’s words are “I am one hell/devil of a butler” Sebastian was cooler though. Claude’s is more darker and evil. I like it. I still think this new kid looks bratty. Like I said we’ll see.