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Kaichou wa maid sama, Ichiban Ushio no daimaou

April 5, 2010

Kaichou wa maid sama, is pretty good, no complaints from me, its probably covered the first 2 chapters of the manga.  Nothing much to say, but the maid is tsundere. Its almost similar to Special A. Where she is very competitive and, her rival is a guy named Usui. But he loves going to the maid cafe, for mental torture. Misaki is feared by all males of her school, she is the student council president. Ehh, I’ll have to see if I like this, because I’m following the manga.

Ichiban Ushio Daimaou

The scene starts off with a woman, leaving a baby at some church, from the looks of it, and scenes are changed.

About a young guy named Akuto Sai. His dream is to become a high priest.

He meets this girl (Forgot her name) But she makes a pact with him, she is going to support him in following his dream. They are going to a magic  academy. He got accepted as a transfer student, and apperrantly he’s pretty smart, because it looks like its hard to get into the school like that. He goes for a physical exam, and they have a crow that tells you w hat you are going to be in the future, the bird tells Sai, that he’s going to be the demon overlord. Alot of the students are frightened by this, and even the girl, who trusted him is against him. He tries to tell her, that its not his intention to, and he tries to tell everyone else that, but they just won’t listen. But, he gains an admirer.

A shota. He calls him Aniki.

He tries to get her to stop fighting him. He whispers into her ear, to convince her  (he sounded romantic Couple of the show imo) But she gets angry, and attempts to hit him again.

In the process, a light emits from him and the classroom explodes. Then we are led to the scene, the dorms, he still wants to apologize to her, and straighten things out, but she keeps aiming for him. He meets another girl, redheaded girl. Who calls him her prince, and blue appears again, trying o kill him, this time a power comes from him again, and leaves a huge crater.

She called herself an observer or something like that, and the episode ends.

My observations. From the begining of the episode, his mom (I assume this because, she just left the baby there and left, and then we go to a grown up Sai) just left him, trying to hide him from something, and she called him child of hope. She said something about realizing his fate, so this intrigues me, does he become the demon lord? Or what will he do later on? Well, enough observations, we still have more episodes to go, things will be revealed in due time.

I personally loved this show. I will continue to look forward to it. I want to see if he can prove to himself that he won’t become the next mao.(Demon overlord) Also, I’m not a big fan of harem ecchi but, this show looks promising, the main lead isn’t a wimp. Not a pushover.

Can’t wait till next week’s episode.


Durarara Episode 11

March 20, 2010

Haha, This was another great episode, I mean really.

Well to start things off, The episode starts off with Namie, trying to find, the Selty girl. The one who goes out with her brother. She gets a call from Mikado, and he tells her he’ll do a deal with her.

Yes, Mikado wants the truth, but he knows the truth about everything hurrr

Angry Mikado is Moe Mikado :3 Anyways, Namie is being evil, and mental telling Mikado she’ll eliminate anyone that gets involved with her brother. (Hahaha.I can’t wait till she’s done for) Mikado gets angry at her, and tells her off. She replies that he’s been watching to much ‘Dramas’ Mikado gets angry again.

Does anything bad happen to Seiji yet? Lolmentalissues he needs ALOT of help.

I loved this part. Namie was about to have her goons attack Mikado, so he pulls out his phone and decides to send a text messeges to some people. She really thought he was defenseless.


Alot of people..

Lol, Namie is just like “Wtf”  Well, Mikado is like “JUST AS PLANNED” Well, basically, all these people are in DOLLARS.

Well anyways, Simon, Shizuo and Izaya get a text messege, including Celty. They’re all Dollars members. Well, the text messege basically says “Anyone next to you who isn’t looking at a text messege is the enemy, don’t do anything just stare” Well, it was aimed at Namie.  She starts to go “WTF” again. And, Izaya is off in a corner, laughing, like the troll he is. We get some scenes, apperantly the plan Mikado had in mind was to save the girl from  Namie, so she had Dotachin and his gang help out, by showing her to Celty. Celty rages and goes down a building attacking the Yagiri guys. Her helmet gets knocked off and people are like “HURRR THE HEADLESS RIDER HURRR” And take pictures of her. But she doesn’t care, She’s raging at the moment.

While they’re paying attention, Seiji appears out of nowhere trying to stab Mikado, and the episode ends.

This episode was awesome, can’t wait till the next one.

Later taters~


So yeah.

February 3, 2010

Okay. What the , I don’t even…

Yeah I created this out of pure stupidity. I have nothing else to do, and blogging seems fun for now. Yeah, this might be an anime blog.